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(Based on 2000-2004 Zetec & SPI Model Focus')

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Ford Racing Oil Pressure Gauge Install

Compliments of Forum Member: RandyRyanRacing

Tools Required:

  • 3/8 Drill Bit and Drill
  • T-30 Socket
  • T-25 Socket/Driver
  • Open End / Adjustable Wrenches
  • A rag or two
Oil Wiring Diagram - Click To Enlarge
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There are a few places on the Zetec engine to tap into the oil. We have selected the tap screw behind the ignition coil (distributor). There is also one on the black above the Thermostat Housing. That one seems a little harder to install do to the housing is so close to the hole it self. The 1/8" NPT Adapter rubs against the housing and is hard to install.
  1. Disconnect Battery
  2. Remove the ignition coil with a T-25 Driver. Remove any clips or plugs if needed to get harnesses out of the way.
  3. Now use the T-30 Socket to remove Tap from the engine black as seen in (Image 01). Tip: I placed some rags under the hole. Oil will pour out. You want to catch it before it runs down the block. Just a bit of oil comes out, less than an ounce.
  4. Wrap the 1/8" NPT Adapter with nylon tape on both sides. Insert and tighten in engine block.
  5. Get tubing; thread sealing nut and ferrule. Insert tubing into NPT adapter. See (Wiring Diagram). Finger tighten sealing nut. Then give a 1/4 turn. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. See (Image 02).
  6. Go inside the car and look under the dashboard, above the pedals, to the left. Pull down the rug. You will see a green plastic piece with a couple of tubes coming out of it. Above those you will see the hood release cable.
  7. Drill the 3/8" hole between these two parts. See (Image 03). CAUTION: The master cylinder is close to that area. Be very careful when drilling. You may want to tap it with a smaller bit first as we did.
  8. Now feed the tubing (keep away from hot or moving parts) to the drilled hole and feed it through the driver's compartment.
  9. Install grommet.
  10. Run tubing to gauge, whether in pod or optional location.
  11. Teflon wrap gauge adapters.
  12. Thread sealing nut then ferrule onto tubing.
  13. Attach finger tight than apply a 1/4 turn. DO NOT over tighten.
  14. Attach Battery.
  15. Plug in ignition coil; do not fully install yet.
  16. Check for leaks and proper operation.
  17. Wire light for gauge to either accessory 12V or parking light switch.
  18. Install Gauge in proper location.
  19. Remove the upper left bolt sleeve from Ignition coil. See (Image 04). You must do this so you can reinstall the coil. The new oil line does not allow the original replacement position.
  20. Re-bolt Ignition to platform location.
  21. Install is complete, see (Image 05).

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